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Anorexia Nervosa: Is it Curable?

Anorexia nervosa is a physiological and emotional problem that usually starts in the “juvenile” stage. But this illness is not only succumbed to teenagers. It can become a massive obstacle in life if not treated in the early signs. Anorexia nervosa usually starts from just randomly reading dieting articles like keto blast review then actually going on a diet and eventually goes out of control. It will make an anorexic person believe that they are fat or obese in their eyes, but in reality, they are underweight and malnourished.

woman eating one pickle on plateThe Reason

There are no known actual reasons for anorexia nervosa. However, researchers believed that the death or losing of someone close to them might be a contributing factor. A close family member that has an eating disorder might be a factor too. It’s almost the same as finding the reason for depression. It could be inherited or self-inflicted. Still, there is no conclusive argument in this case.

The Signs

Characteristically, they aren’t able to believe the fact that they are dangerously underweight and still looking at themselves fat and over-weight. When, in fact, It is almost just bones and skin. They refuse to eat, afraid to gain weight. They keep moving when they’re seriously injured or sick. Another sign of anorexia is they feel exhausted along with starvation. They make themselves vomit and take laxatives to recover from another weight gain. They weigh their food and limit their calories. Food placed onto a plate are some of the signs that something is not right.

The Effects

skinny woman looking at the mirror There are thinning of hair, blood problems such as anemia, slow heart rate, fast palpitation of the heart, and even heart failure: weak muscles, osteoporosis, swollen joints, and fractures. For Women, their menstruation stop, getting trouble being pregnant. But if they do become pregnant, they still have risks of having a miscarriage, c-section with a child, and postpartum depression. Their nails and skin are very fragile and sensitive.

The Remedy

Although depression and stress anxiety are curable, there is no absolute cure for anorexia nervosa. If not treated when the early stages of signs appeared, it can become a lifelong problem leading to another problem mentioned earlier. A therapist and a nutritionist or a doctor who will be working treating it can be consulted for treatment to help the individual back to their normal mental state.

The answer to the question at the beginning of this article “Is anorexia curable?” is no. Still, with a little consideration, it is only treatable if you took action firstly when the signs are showing. That is the only way an anorexic can save their life from possible life-long health issues.

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